"Winning Bigger in Cryptos"

By Ian King
Editor of Strategic Fortunes, New Era Fortunes and Next Wave Crypto Fortunes

This will be the last article from me until Monday morning … but I wanted to make absolutely sure to get it to you before we headed into the weekend.

I know my co-host for “The Next Million,” John Daly, is planning to send you something on Sunday I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

But the subject of today’s article is — in my opinion — one of the driving reasons every Main Street investor needs to be in the cryptosphere.

We’re going to explore the subject more on June 28, at 1 p.m. EDT, during the premiere broadcast of “The Next Million”…

However, for now, I’m hoping to just whet your appetite.

You see, the title of today’s article is: “Winning Bigger in Cryptos.”

Originally, I wanted to call it: “The Power of Asymmetric Returns.”

The idea is simple: Cryptos have disproportionately large bull runs compared to their bear swings.

Cryptos can fall 50% ... 90% ... and then yield 10,000% returns.

And not in years — I’m talking months, even weeks. And in rare cases, even days.

In short, their downside is capped at 100% — but their upside is limitless. There’s no defining how far cryptos can go … or how fast.

Just take a look at this, for example:

Here’s a chart of Tesla.

Over the years, it has made an incredible run from $3.84 to where it sits now at over $700. We’re talking about a return over 18,000% over the course of 10 years, even with countless slides in the stock.

Now, here’s bitcoin.

In 2010, bitcoin was worth less than $1.

Today, it’s over $20,000. That’s after the recent correction…

And we’re still talking about a return north of 18,000,000%.

This is why I believe cryptos are simply a must if you’re trying to achieve exponential returns.

Just look at the S&P over the last five years:

That’s a return of around 53%, with a roller coaster of some of the most brutal pullbacks in market history.

Now, look at the growth of cryptos:

There’s just no comparison here.

We’re talking about going from $53 million five years ago — to nearly $1 trillion right now.

Thousands in percent returns, even after “crypto winters” and crashes.

But here’s the thing — the stock market is already at maximum exposure.

It already has pulled in the global population, venture capital, investment banks…

In short, it’s a fully accounted for sector.

Right now, around 53% of households in America are invested in the stock market.

For comparison, only 12.8% are in crypto.

Now, I don’t want to overload you with information here.

I’ve pulled all of this data together for the broadcast of “The Next Million” in just a few short days, on June 28, at 1 p.m. EDT.

On that day, I’m going to dissect how I was able to harness crypto’s last major wave to hand my readers asymmetric returns.

I’m talking about seven trades that could have produced seven figures in returns at their peaks.

More importantly, you need to understand a wave even greater than this is heading toward us now…

A wave that could take cryptos to a height of $200 trillion — globally — in the years to come … while unleashing even more epic returns than we could have ever imagined.

On June 28, at 1 p.m. EDT, we’re going to dig into all of it.

For now, stay tuned until your next article.

I’ll be back with more for you on Monday — but keep an eye out for John Daly’s piece on Sunday.

I think you’ll get a lot out of it.

Until then,